First Look: Real Avid Foul-Out Gunk Blaster

Real Avid is introducing Foul-Out Gunk Blaster, a quick-drying gun cleaning solution that is polymer safe and can be confidently and liberally applied on the bench or in the field to blast away burnt powder residue, grease and field grime.

First Look: Sentry Products Group Tuf Cloth

It takes a Tuf-Cloth to make gun care easier.

First Look: Real Avid Master Armorer’s Mat

Real Avid introduces the first-of-its-kind bench-top aid for AR-15 armorers and DIY builders alike, the Master Armorer’s Mat.

Basic AR-15 Maintenance: 13 Parts to Inspect Regularly

The AR-15 platform has areas that need attention periodically. Here's a handy list of 13 parts to check to make sure your rifle's in tip-top shape.

How Often Should You Clean Your Concealed-Carry Guns?

When should you clean your personal-defense guns? Sheriff Jim discusses his cleaning routine for his concealed-carry guns.

Breaking It In

My question comes from a discussion I had with the salesman at the gun store after I bought my new Walther PPQ chambered in 9 mm. First, let me say I am a woman who has some experience with firearms and owns a revolver for personal protection.

More Solutions for the Non-Mathematically Minded

I’m always on the lookout for any type of useful gear/kit that will help improve the shooter/firearm interface and/or enhance my marksmanship skills. The following items bring welcome versatility to your gear in that it can help shooters adapt to changing conditions.

AR Build: Long-range Solutions for the Non-Mathematically Minded

Some optics take the calculus-like sting out of ballistic calculation and range estimation, leaving you to focus on all-important marksmanship fundamentals before sending a round downrange.

AR Lower-Receiver Build: Buttstock Installation

No matter what type you select, installing it on your receiver is pretty easy. But, for precision accuracy, there are some criteria worthy of consideration.

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