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It’s a Lifestyle

Staying safe requires more than just a gun and some gear.

Surviving Ammogeddon: Low-Round-Count Training

Given today’s restrictive ammunition shortages, how can you best utilize your time and limited resources to maintain and even further develop your shooting skills? The short answer is to train smart by optimizing your firearms training.

How to Develop Fighting Skills

Knowing your gear is only part of the fight. The rest is, well, the fight.

Pistol-Practice Goal: Make It Second Nature

Ordinary, everyday tasks with your pistol should be as commonplace as breathing. Practice until this is the case.

Fitness & Firearms: How Light Exercise Can Improve Shooting

Good firearm owners are always trying to find ways to improve their gun-handling skills, and one easy way to do it is incorporating some light exercise.

Handgun Speed vs. Accuracy: What's the Right Balance?

Volumes can and have been written about how fast is fast enough, and how accurate is accurate enough. The trick is the mixture of the two.

Defensive Shooting: A Quickly Diminishing Skill

You've taken some training classes? Shot well in your last club competition? Good! But don't stop there. Sheriff Jim highlights the importance of staying in fighting shape.

Federal Air Marshal Qualification: Test Your CCW Skills

Created for the Federal Air Marshal Service, the Tactical Pistol Course is an excellent source of training for the armed citizen.

Protection Preparation: Visualization Tips for Self-Defense Success

“Think things through” isn’t just good advice on avoiding impulse buys at the used-car lot. Visualizing self-defense scenarios can help you prepare for potential issues.

Vehicle-Defense: Tactics for Car-Based Personal Protection

Learning to access your firearm inside of a vehicle safely can help you fend off a number of attacks.

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