Athlon Midas Flash

First Look: Athlon Midas Flash Red Dot Sight

A new open emitter optic which works with the RMR footprint.

First Look: ADM 13.9 Enhanced Mod 1 Carbine

A full-featured carbine with a shorter barrel length.

The Very Special .38 Special

Despite its advanced age, the quintessential revolver round has a lot going for it.

First Look: Forward Controls Design Flash Hider

A new A2-style birdcage muzzle device with a thread-mounted suppressor mount. 

Aiming - Sight Alignment, Sight Picture and Focus

Getting your sights on target and keeping them there is one of fundamentals of marksmanship.

First Look: Brownells Keymount Flash Hider

Compatible with Dead Air suppressors and other manufacturers.

Front Sight vs Target Focus

See enough of your sights to make the shot.

Installing a Suppressor Mount

Adding a muzzle device to your rifle should make suppressing it easier, right?

First Look: Blackout Defense Keymo Muzzle Devices

Two new muzzle devices created in conjunction with Dead Air Silencers.

The Follow Through Fallacy

Steve Tarani explains how what happens when shooting a gun is radically different than making a shot in other sports.

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