IWI US Tavor SAR accessories

Gear Up: IWI US Tavor SAR Accessories

The original Tavor is likely the best-selling bullpup of all time, and as a result, a robust aftermarket exists for parts to improve upon the base design.

First Look: FAB Defense Gradus-M Grip

Now FAB Defense is rolling out the Gradus-M grip as their latest addition to the Gradus line of accessories.

First Look: FAB Defense RAPS Stock

Designed for the growing market of precision-rifle shooters, the FAB Defense RAPS stock has a few features you'd expect, along with a few innovative surprises.

First Look: FAB Defense AK Vanguard Handguard

Looking to enhance your AK-47 clone with a modular handguard like those found on other modern sporting rifles? Check out the features found on the AK Vanguard Handguard from FAB Defense.

EDC Gear: FAB Defense Scorpus Covert Holster

In 2017, FAB Defense rolled out its Scorpus Covert holster, designed to provide users with an inexpensive, low-profile IWB holster.

5 AR-15 Accessories That Add Versatility to Your Rifle

The following gear amps up the versatility of any AR-15 while keeping burdensome clutter to a minimum.

FAB Defense Unveils GL-Core AR Buttstock

The newest addition to FAB Defense's line of AR buttstocks is the GL-Core, a simple and durable aftermarket option.

FAB Defense Launches AR Podium

FAB Defense changed the nature of the shooting bipod by incorporating the bipod into the grip of the rifle. Learn how it works here.

FAB Defense TAR Podium Bipod

FAB Defense offers a unique bipod for the Tavor.

FAB Defense GL Mag Stock

"I have too many magazines" said no AR-15 enthusiast, ever.

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