Speed shooting tips

The Keys To Successful Speed Shooting

Learning effective speed shooting means learning how to do the basics on-demand as efficiently as possible. 

How Important is a Fast Draw for Personal Defense with a Handgun?

What is a suitable quick-draw time, and how important is that for the armed defense with a handgun? 

How to Train for Faster Shooting

Shooting at higher speeds in training often looks like a mystical feat. However, as Ed Head points out, it's all about mastering the fundamentals.

The Fix: Keep Your Eyes Open to Shoot Faster

You were shooting horizontal and vertical plates with your friends at the club recently and thought you were doing O.K. That is until two Junior Shooters you didn’t recognize showed up and asked to join the group.

Shot Timers & Self-Defense Training: How Much Speed Do You Need?

How much speed is possible—or necessary—to counter a violent attack?

First Look: Catalyst Arms Fast Track AR-15 Handguard

Catalyst Arms worked with today's top PRS competitors and long-range shooters to develop a precision handguard with all the features they need. The result was the Fast Track handguard.

Personal-Defense Preparation: Considering Worst-Case Scenarios

Criminals thrive on your complacency. Having appropriate situational awareness and training to overcome the stress of surprise can help ensure you prevail against an attack.

Review: SecureIt Fast Box Model 47 Gun Safe

For a fast-access gun safe that can be easily secured under the bed, there's the Fast Box Model 47 from SecureIt.

The Unarmed Truth

As more information about Operation Fast & Furious comes out, more questions start to be asked.

Gun Running Exposed

An inside look at another botched ATF operation on our southern border.

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