Review: Novus Suppressor

When it comes to owning a suppressor, filing the necessary paperwork is a major deterrent. Enfield Rifle Company's Novus Suppressor helps limit the number of times you'll have to go through that process.

Claim a Historical SMLE Rifle and Support NRA-ILA

Century Arms and Bud’s Gun Shop have teamed up to offer a limited number of authentic Short Magazine Enfield Number 1 Mark III rifles (SMLE) to support the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA).

Classic Guns: Enfield Mk. I and Mk. II Revolvers

Enfield’s contribution to revolver evolution wound up arming a curious—and cold—police force.

The M1917 Enfield: America's WWI Workhorse

Where the rubber meets the road, function matters a lot more than form. The M1917 Enfield rifle excelled at function when it counted in America's entry into WW!.

U.S. Rifles of WWI: The M1903 and M1917

America’s bolt-action infantry rifles came from two main camps, but both the M1903 Springfield and the M1917 Enfield were sturdy, stout options to fight the Kaiser’s forces.

Classic Guns: Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle-Musket

The second-most-popular rifle-musket used during the U.S. Civil War, the Pattern 1853 Enfield has a backstory seemingly fitting for a spy novel.

Fightin' Iron: M1917 Enfield Rifle

Where the rubber meets the road, function matters a lot more than form. The M1917 Enfield Rifle excelled at function.

The Gallipoli Gun

A self-firing SMLE? It must be Gallipoli.

Taliban Guns

Much of the Taliban's non-Kalashnikov small-arms stock comes from workshops in Pakistan. These are known as Khyber Pass guns, and some of them are quite interesting. Also, Taliban logistics are rather weak.

Guns of the Enemy in Afghanistan

Gunpundit's Shelby Murdoc takes a look at the guns the Taliban and al Qaeda are using in Afghanistan from AKs to Enfields and beyond.


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