Review: RW Minis Replica Non-Firing M1911A1

Looking for a unique gift for the firearm enthusiast in your life? Think small...

Counter-Intuitive Realities: Short-Barreled 1911s Are Harder to Conceal

Many realities in the shooting world seem counter-intuitive, like the fact that short-barreled 1911s are hard to conceal than their larger format predecessors.

Review: Nikon Black Force 1000

Nikon’s latest entry into the hotly contested tactical/MSR scope market, the Black Force 1000, gets it done.

2019 NRAAM: Editor's Product Picks

Hand-selected by Shooting Illustrated editors, here are a few of the stand-out guns and accessories found on the show floor of the 2019 NRAAM.

Review: Rise Armament RA-350 T Series Rifle

Precision, sturdiness and distinctive aesthetics come together in Rise Armament’s high-end tactical rifle: the RA-350 T Series AR-15.

Review: Taurus PT-111 Millennium G2

Designed as a budget-friendly personal-defense firearm, the Taurus PT-111 Millennium G2 is a fine concealed-carry pistol at any price.

Review: EAA MKA1919 Match Shotgun

With the MKA1919 Match, EAA upgraded the shotgun’s status to “race-ready.”

Review: Bushnell Incinerate Red Dot

The Bushnell Incinerate puts more heat on the already red-hot red-dot market.

Review: Benelli M4 Cerakote Shotgun

There weren’t many things Benelli could do to improve the M4 Tactical Shotgun’s functionality, so it enhanced its value and appeal with Cerakote.

Review: Glock G43

Slim and none. That prose describes, respectively, the width of the new Glock G43 and the problems we encountered with it.

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