.45 ACP Cor-Bon DPX 160-grain Barnes TAC-XP

How does the Barnes TAC-XP perform in Cor-Bon's lightweight .45 ACP load?

.45 ACP Glaser Blue Safety Slug

A funny thing happened on the way to the gelatin block...

9 mm +P Cor-Bon 100-grain Pow'RBall

Is Pow'R Ball ammo the real deal? The results may be surprising.

.45 ACP +P 165-grain Pow'RBall

How does one of the original polymer-nose-cap bullets perform?

Favorite Defensive Handgun Loads

During training classes or while conversing with shooters, I'm often asked about my favorite defensive handgun loads.

.32 NAA Cor-Bon 60-grain JHP

The .32 NAA is a little-known personal-defense cartridge, but it remains adequate for personal defense.

.45 ACP +P 165-grain Cor-Bon JHP

This screaming-fast .45 ACP load is a great choice for a carry gun—which is why our ballistic expert carries it.

9 mm +P Cor-Bon 115-grain DPX

Cor-Bon Ammunition loads Barnes TAC-XP bullets (formerly know as XPB bullets) in their DPX line of ammunition. Typical of Cor-Bon ammunition, velocities are high.


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