Sheriff Jim Wilson

Understanding Point Shooting

Point shooting is useless... until it isn't.

Gunsite Training Across the Nation

New classes starting soon in South Carolina and Indiana.

The Importance of Situational Awareness

Col. Jeff Cooper proposed four levels of alertness to describe the various stages of paying attention, but how do they relate to daily activities?

Rule Four in Self-Defense: Bullets On and Beyond Your Target

Col. Jeff Cooper's list of safety rules includes, "Be sure of your target and what is behind it." In a self-defense scenario, this can be difficult to apply, but it's critical. Here are Sheriff Jim's thoughts on it.

Head vs. Holster: The Importance of a Solid Self-Defense Mindset

Proper self-defense starts with the right mindset, regardless of the tool in your holster.

Skills Check: The Hostage Presidente Drill

Shooting quickly and accurately is of utmost importance to effective self-defense. Here’s a hostage drill, based on the popular El Presidente, that combines both.

How To Properly Use a Sling

Shooting with a speed sling gives you a better platform for engaging targets at distance.

Can an AR be a Scout?

DPMS’s GII MOE goes head to head with three scout rifles to see if it can meet Col. Cooper’s requirements.


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