Shivworks clinch pick 2.0

First Look: Shivworks Clinch Pick 2.0

Designed for use when things get close and personal. 

What’s The Best Stance for Shooting With Shotguns?

Shooting a shotgun requires a solid stance, but different endeavors require different positions. Which is best?

Close-Quarter Confrontations: Defending Yourself at Short Range

In many self-defense scenarios, armed citizens don't have the luxuries of distance and time. Here's what to think about if you have to defend yourself in close quarters.

5 Handling Tips for a Home-Defense Shotgun

When faced with a threat, a home-defense shotgun can be quite the equalizer, but only if it’s used correctly. Here are some tips from a longtime law-enforcement veteran with experience behind a scattergun.

Managing the Defensive Shotgun

When faced with a threat, a shotgun can be quite the equalizer, but only if it’s used correctly.

Rise of the Basement Commando

Don’t listen to self-proclaimed experts when it comes to gear; use what works for you.

Force-on-Force Training

“The Force” may be with you, but in an armed encounter, what you really need is some form of prior force-on-force training.

Switching Sides

Switching to your support-side shoulder when clearing a room with a rifle may look cool, but is it the best approach to dealing with a potential threat?

Immediate Action

You never know when you will encounter a failure to fire, so you should prepare to fix such problems—now.

One-Handed Shooting

Are you prepared to use your firearm in self-defense using only one hand? You might have to.

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