Wilson Combat Special Edition

First Look: Wilson Combat 45th Anniversary SE 1911

A special edition pistol to celebrate the legacy of a legendary gun manufacturer.

SHOT Show 2020 Video: KelTec P17 and SUB2000 CQB

KelTec launched two new products at Industry Day at the Range, a suppressed version of the popular, folding SUB2000 pistol-caliber carbine and a new .22 LR pistol.

New for 2020: KelTec SUB2000 CQB

Incredibly compact and uniquely designed, KelTec introduced the new SUB2000 CQB at the 2020 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

Review: Barnes Precision Machine CQB/MOE Carbine

Looking for a “next-level” AR-15? The folks at Barnes Precision Machine have the perfect option in its CQB/MOE Carbine.

CQB Optics Redefined with the Burris AR-1X Prism Sight

The new AR-1X CQB sight from Burris has a highly visible reticle design made for competition and tactical scenarios.


Hollywood gets a lot of things dead wrong when it comes to self-defense, but one of the most egregious examples involves good guys getting in bad guys' faces.

The Deadly Zone

Avoiding close-in confrontation is the best way to stay alive.

Using Your Can

Here are a few recommendations on use that may help if you are getting ready for your first dance with a suppressor-equipped firearm.

Zero Distance for a Home-Defense AR-15

A former SOF Sniper explains where to zero your AR for home defense, and more importantly, why.

M3 "Grease Gun"

Even after 68 years of production, if United States Submachine Gun, Cal. .45, M3 was to be introduced today, it would no doubt still be given the "Grease Gun" nickname it had during World War II.

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