First Look: Winchester U.S.A. Valor Limited-Edition Ammo

Winchester ammunition recently introduced the U.S.A. Valor ammunition series, a limited-edition collection of military-inspired ammunition is now available in 9 mm, 5.56 NATO and 12-gauge buckshot.

Review: Federal Premium Force X2 Buckshot

Federal’s latest offering of defensive buckshot, Federal Premium Force X2 Buckshot, ought to make bad actors split.

Which Type of Shotgun Load is Best for Home Defense?

While 00 buckshot will suffice in most instances, there are other rounds that are good for specific purposes.

First Look: Federal Premium Force X2 Splitting Buckshot

Federal Premium recently introduced its Force X2 Splitting Buckshot loads which are an interesting new shotshell load for personal defense.

How to Choose the Right Buckshot Load for Home Defense

Defensive shotgun ammunition goes light years beyond “double-aught buck.” Here's a rundown of how to choose the right buckshot load for your purposes.

Why You Shouldn't Mix Shotgun Ammo

To mix or not to mix, that is the question. Fortunately, we have an answer.

Review: Aguila Minishells

Tired of dealing with punishing recoil from your go-to 12-gauge shotgun? This line of Aguila Minishells provides a number of hunting and personal-defense loads that soften the blow while still providing stopping power.

Surviving Animal Attacks: Get a Shotgun

What’s the best method of deterring four-legged interlopers? Well, as I'm the Shotguns editor for Shooting Illustrated, you can probably guess my answer.

The Great Equalizer: Shotguns & 00 Buckshot

Rifles and handguns certainly have their place in certain scenarios, but there's one platform that Sheriff Jim prefers in a close-range encounter: a 12-gauge shotgun loaded with buckshot.

Home-Defense Buckshot: Which Size is Best?

Home-defense shotguns have a wide variety of ammo to choose from, and buckshot loads are some of the most popular. Which buckshot load is right for you?

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