The M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle

Three Nazis walk into a BAR …

John Browning's Firearm Designs: Still In Service Today

If you own a firearm, chances are you have John Moses Browning to thank for some part of that gun. Maybe even the whole thing.

Converting Guns to .357 SIG: Testing & Options

If you're intrigued by the .357 SIG, you don't need an entirely new gun just to shoot the round. Here's how your .40 S&W or 10 mm handguns can be adapted to this high-velocity cartridge.

Fightin' Iron: The Marine Corps Ka-Bar Knife

Among U.S. Marines’ combat gear, the Ka-Bar is especially prized.

New Rifles for 2017

A number of companies introduced brand-new rifles or updated existing lineups in 2017. Here are latest models on the market.

Putting Suppressed Rifle Systems to the Test

At the first-ever ElectroMedia Conclave in Wyoming, several companies provided suppressed rifle systems that were put to the test.

Tune-Up Your Glock

Optimize your Glock for self-defense with these products.

Ohio Ordnance Works HCAR

Thanks to Ohio Ordnance Works, the venerable BAR is ready for a second century of service.

Ka-Bar Lake Effect Ice Scraper

Ka-Bar's famous handle can now be found on a tough ice scraper to help battle Old Man Winter.

KA-BAR Knives Releases Short Becker Series, Combat Kukri

Four new knives from the legendary manufacturer are sure to impress.

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