First Look: Magpul MP BSL Arm Brace for the HK94/MP5

Magpul is launching the new MP BSL Arm Brace for the HK94/MP5, available exclusively online at

First Look: Magpul BSL & BTR AR Pistol Arm Braces

Magpul recently introduced the new BSL and BTR arm braces, which feature compatibility with M-Lok slots and include tool-less, single-hand adjustment.

First Look: Magpul BSL HK94/MP5 Arm Brace HK94/MP5

Magpul recently introduced the new BSL Arm Brace, which incorporates design and engineering features to enhance functionality, for HK94/MP5 pattern pistols.

First Look: MasterPiece Arms MPA35DMG 9 mm Pistol with Arm Brace

MasterPiece Arms is introducing a new 9 mm pistol in its Defender product line, the MPA35DMG 9 mm Pistol with arm brace.

New for 2020: Remington Model 700-CP Arm Brace

In case you've ever wanted to try long-range shooting with a handgun, Remington just came out with something of interest.

First Look: SB Tactical CZPDW Pistol Brace

Designed for the CZ-USA Scorpion EVO 3 S1 pistol, the CZPDW brace from SB Tactical makes this compact handgun even-more manageable.

First Look: Ergo Remington 20-Gauge Shotgun Stock Adapter

With the Ergo Remington 20-gauge shotgun stock adapter, consumers can add any number of AR-style stocks and grips to their go-to scattergun.

First Look: SB Tactical CZ 805 Bren Folding Arm Brace

One of the latest rifle-caliber pistol arm braces out from SB Tactical is a side-folding design that fits the CZ 805 Bren.

First Look: Springfield Armory Saint AR-15 Pistol

Springfield Armory expanded its Saint AR-15 lineup with a new pistol model, packed with features for the discerning AR aficionado.

Review: SB Tactical PDW Pistol Brace

SB Tactical's new PDW Pistol Brace, designed for AR-15 pistols, includes some innovative advancements for owners in a rapidly growing market.


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