1911 Gunfight: Frank Luke's Last Stand

During its major-combat debut in the First World War, the 1911 was used by fighter ace Frank Luke during his last stand in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.

Arizona Bill Would Provide Tax Credit for CCW Classes

Already considered by many as having the most gun-friendly laws and firearms regulations in the country, Arizona residents may soon receive a tax credit covering the cost of attending their state-authorized concealed carry permit classes and safety training.

With Arizona Recount, 2014 Midterms Are Finally Over

The GOP majority in Congress increased by one, as Representative-elect Martha McSally prevailed over her Democratic rival in a recount.

Gun Running Exposed

An inside look at another botched ATF operation on our southern border.

Tucson Machine Gun Shoot

If you were anywhere near Southern Arizona Saturday, you might have thought the full-auto fire coming from the desert was a drug cartel invasion. Nope, it was just a Caddy's final sendoff.

Public Lands Remain Open to Shooters—For Now

Concern that thousands of acres of public land could be declared off limits to recreational shooters and those engaged in target practice has been alleviated—at least for now—with recent action by the secretary of the U.S. Department of Interior.

Grand Canyon State Gets an Official Six-Shooter

Arizona became the second state to officially proclaim a state firearm this year, as Gov. Jan Brewer signed legislation on April 28 naming the Colt Single Action Army revolver as the state gun.


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