First Look: Inceptor Ammunition ARX Preferred Defense 10mm

Incorporating the unique, fluted design of the ARX projectile, the Inceptor Ammunition Preferred Defense load can now be had in the powerful 10mm cartridge.

Review: NOVX Ammunition

Offering new advancements in bullet and casing design, NOVX Ammunition has raised the bar of personal-protection offerings.

Adjusting Point-of-Impact on a Snub-Nose Revolver

Many snub-nose revolvers designed for concealed carry have sights that aren't easily adjustable. How can you adjust point-of-impact easily without significant work? Here are some tips.

First Look: NovX Ammunition

One of the newest ammo companies on the market is NovX Ammunition, using revolutionary technology to produce next-generation cartridges.

PolyCase Introduces New Sport Utility Ammo

Sport Utility Ammo from PolyCase is designed for training and target use.

PolyCase Introduces Inceptor .357 Mag. ARX

PolyCase Ammunition's Inceptor Preferred Defense ammunition is now available in a .357 Mag. ARX cartridge.

Polycase Inceptor

“I just want to say one word to you. Just one word. Plastics.”

Beretta Tactical Summit

What happens when you take a group of gunwriters and put them through abbreviated courses? Beretta invited a bunch of us down to find out.

PolyCase Ammunition and Alexander Arms Team Up on .50 Beowulf ARX

PolyCase Ammunition and Alexander Arms have joined forces to produce a .50 Beowulf round with ARX projectile.


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