Ed Brown Announces Magazine Exchange Program

Tired of your old and worn out 1911 magazine? Ed Brown recently announced its Magazine Exchange Program, which allows you to swap out magazines at a great price.

4 Reliable 1911 Magazines

Need your 1911 pistol to run reliably? Check out these four reliable aftermarket 1911 magazines designed to get the most out of your gun.

Five Easy 1911 Upgrades

The following products can help make John Browning’s 1911 pistol even better by providing quick, easy and economic means of upgrading accuracy, gun-handling and reliability.

Improvements Made on Chip McCormick 1911 Railed Power Magazines

Chip McCormick incorporated some innovative redesigns into the next-generation Railed Power Mags for the 1911 platform.

1911 Magazines

When shopping for a 1911, some people focus on getting the most features for the money, often overlooking one of the pistol's most vital components for reliabilty—the magazine.


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