Testing Home Defense Ammo for Carbines

Testing Home Defense Ammo for Carbines

What is “just enough” or “too much” penetration in home-defense-carbine ammunition?

First Look: Rock River Arms Fred Eichler Series Light Predator2L

Rock River Arms is coming out with a new rifle specifically designed for predator hunting, dubbed the Fred Eichler Series Light Predator2L, which features a lightweight, carbon fiber handguard.

13 New AR-15s for 2019

What kind of new AR-15s are we seeing on the market for 2019? Check out the latest and greatest from the firearm industry here.

'Identical' AR-15 Upper Receivers: Are They Really the Same?

Think all models of a rifle are exactly the same? We did a handloading test to check out just how "identical" two AR-15 upper receivers from the same manufacturer really were.

5 Must-Have AR-15 Enhancements from JP Enterprises

Looking to take your AR-15 to the next level? Check out these must-have accessories and enhancements from JP Enterprises.

Top AR-15 Chamberings: 8 Great Do-It-All Loads

While most firearm enthusiasts know an AR-pattern rifle by sight, few can identify the best load for optimal terminal performance for its chambering.

.223 Wylde: The Ideal AR-15 Chamber?

Among AR-15 aficionados, the battle has often been .223 Rem. vs. 5.56 NATO. With the .223 Wylde, though, shooters can take advantage of the benefits of each chambering.

WATCH: AR-15 Quick-Cleaning Guide

You're all finished up shooting at the range with your AR-15. Before you leave, though, give your gun a quick cleaning and check for any potential issues.

AR-15 Magazines: FAQs Asked and Answered

Once considered unreliable and even unnecessary in the gun world, detachable or box magazines have long since become a fixture for the modern sporting rifle shooter.

New for 2018: Springfield Armory Saint SBRs

Springfield Armory expanded its Saint AR-15 lineup even further in 2018 with the addition of NFA-regulated short-barreled rifles.

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