How to Up Your Long-Range Shooting Game

With modern rifles, ammunition and optics, hitting targets far beyond 100 or even 500 yards is achievable for the majority of shooters.

Rifles: Semi Alternates

ARs, AKs and other multi-functional semi-automatics may be the go-to guns for many people, but there are plenty of alternatives to bridge the utility gap.

Long-Distance Practice: A Good Idea for the Armed Citizen

Most defensive shooters train at 7 yards or closer, which is great, but Sheriff Jim makes the case that occasional training at expanded distances is also of value.

Testing Rifle Accuracy: The Benefits of a 100-Shot Group

How many rounds do you really need to fire when testing rifle accuracy? We shot a 100-round group to see what else we learned.

The 1911 Pistol: 100-Plus Years of Dependable Service

With more than a 100 years under its belt, John Moses Browning’s most-famous design, the 1911 pistol, is still going strong.

Four Improved AR-15 Trigger Sets Under $100

Looking to improve the mil-spec AR-15 trigger in your budget rifle? Check out these four trigger sets that won't break the bank.

Mossy Oak Organization Helps Law Enforcement

Mossy Oak quietly established Sportsmen Organized for Law Enforcement, aimed at supporting law-enforcement officers.


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