Thumb safeties

How Does a Thumb Safety on a Handgun Work?

Thumb safeties, such as those found on 1911s, are but one type of manual safety commonly found on many handguns selected for concealed carry and/or personal protection.

How to Use Automotive Products for Firearm Maintenance

I just turned 21 and I am in the process of buying my first handgun. Although I am just getting started with pistols and revolvers, I am pretty mechanically inclined, which I learned by working on automobiles and automotive machinery.

What Today's Shooter Can Learn From the Revolver

Today’s students of the revolver would be well served by studying works of gunwriters from the past.

How to Improve Pistol Accuracy and Speed with Handgun Red Dots

Reflex sights can improve pistol accuracy and speed, but only if you know how to use them.

Skills Check: Dave's Drill

Former police officer, SWAT team member, firearm trainer and author Dave Spaulding is one of the good guys. He is retiring from teaching on the road, where his Handgun Combatives training program has been in high demand for many years, but there remains a wealth of information in his written works and on his website.

Should You Shoot Lead Bullets in Glock Barrels?

With the cost of ammunition being what it is, I have had to go back to reloading my 9 mm practice ammunition using any components I can find. I got a really good deal on some hardcast bullets and picked up several thousand for current and future use in my Glock G17s, of which I have several generations including the latest Gen5 version.

Why Optics With Redundant Aiming Points Are so Useful

Ever since my first encounter with an Army-issued Aimpoint 5000 in the early 1990s, I’ve appreciated the ability of electro-optical sights to get me on target quickly and effectively.

How to Reload Shotshells

Reloading shotshells is a somewhat similar process to reloading other ammunition, but the differences are significant.

Is there a Perfect Carry Setup?

The “best” everyday-carry gun may not really be the best for you if it can’t actually be carried every day.

Why The Pie Chart is Junk Science

No one knows from whence it came and its conclusions are dubious, at best.

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