Latest NICS Numbers Show Firearm Sales Are Up

According to the latest NICS background-check numbers, firearm sales are up compared to the same period last year. See the changes here.

American Outdoor Brands Reports Increasing Firearm Sales

Reporting on its third-quarter sales in 2018 showed that firearms and accessories contributed to increasing revenue for American Outdoor Brands-held Smith & Wesson.

Bass Pro Shops Named No. 2 Hottest Retailer

The National Retail Federation named Bass Pro Shops the No. 2 hottest retailer in the country, ahead of other giants like Amazon, IKEA and others.

By The Numbers: Shotgun Sales in the United States

According to new numbers released by the ATF, shotguns made up less than 10 percent of firearms offered for sale in the United States. There's more to the story here.

Hornady Halts Ammo Sales to NY Government Agencies

In response to NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo's urging that financial institutions cease doing business with the firearm industry, Hornady ceased all ammo sales to the New York government agencies.

March 2018 NICS Checks Set Monthly Record

March 2018 NICS background checks set a monthly record, hitting the highest number since the system started almost 20 years ago.

GAO Gun-Buying Attempt Fails

A Government Accountability Office attempt to purchase firearms illegally on the surface web ended in late 2017, garnering zero successes in 72 attempts.

How to Avoid Buying the Wrong Gun

Almost ever longtime gun owner has a story about buying a gun they ended up not liking at all. How do you avoid ending up in this situation in the first place? Here's a quick and dirty guide.

Black Friday Background Checks Pass 200,000 for First Time Ever

Gun sales set a new record on Black Friday 2017, as the NICS background-check system recorded more than 200,000 requests in a single day.

Gun Sales Still Strong in April 2017

The number of NICS background checks for April 2017 indicated strong gun sales well into 2017.

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