LaserLyte Laser Trainer Barrel

LaserLyte offers the newest iteration of the company's excellent laser training products for the Glock compact line of handguns.

LaserLyte Score Tyme Training Target

LaserLyte's new Score Tyme target offers two modes of laser training that make practice fun.

LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Laser Training Pistol

Who doesn't need more trigger time? With the LaserLyte training pistol, the only thing you need is batteries.

Taurus Curve Introduction

Taurus released the "gun you wear," the Curve, today, billing it as a more comfortable firearm for everyday carry.

LaserLyte FSL-4 Rail-Mounted Laser Sight

LaserLyte's FSL-4, designed for handgun accessory rails with minimal space, is a light, inexpensive option for adding a laser sight to your compact firearm.

North American Arms Black Widow .22 WMR

The Black Widow from North American Arms proves bigger isn't always better.

An Assignment to Remember

Granted, any bad day while away on business is better than any good day in the office, but when it entails perks such as learning about new products, including firearms, gear, lots of trigger time and the opportunity to spend time with various firearm manufacturers and fellow gun writers, what's not to like.

LaserLyte LT-LR

How about a trainer for your trainer? LaserLyte introduces a red laser trainer for .22 LR firearms.

LaserLyte Glock 42 Laser Sight

If you're a fan of Glock's new model 42 in .380 ACP, you'll be happy to know that LaserLyte has produced the company's new TGL laser sight specifically for the new pistol.

Laser-Sight Deliberations

Given a snub-nose revolvers inherently short sight radius and the resulting difficulty in accurately shooting them, some may be curious about laser sights and where they fit into this project, if at all.

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