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Virginia Firearms Sales Soar, Gun-Related Violence Sinks

Revealing new data from Virginia dispels many of the myths put forth by anti-gun organizations shows. Gun-related violence in the Commonwealth of Virginia has dropped to period lows, while firearms sales have soared to record levels.

Election 2012 and Gun Sales

Those involved in the business of manufacturing and selling firearms are anxiously awaiting the outcome of the November 6 U.S. Presidential election, and some retailers are faced with an intriguing conundrum.

Sales Soar After Repeal of Virginia's One-Gun-A-Month Law

In the 31-day period since the end of Virginia's one-gun-a-month limit, slightly more than 29,000 firearm transactions were recorded—reflecting a 17 percent leap from the last month the restrictions were in place, according to the Virginia Firearms Transaction Center.

Gun Sales and Stocks Soar

Unless you've been living beneath a rock and isolated from all forms of print and electronic media during the past several weeks, you've likely heard or read numerous reports about firearms—more specifically, the seemingly relentless spike in the sales of firearms across the country.

Sometimes It Ain't What You Think

Think California is nothing but a bunch of anti-gun hippies? You're only mostly right. There is a large group of firearm fans in the state, and we shouldn't forget about them.

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