Ruger M77 Hawkeye Tactical

While rifle traditionalists purr over hand-rubbed, high-gloss finishes, flawless bluing and finely cut checkering, I salivate for synthetics and ergonomic sensibility.

Magazine Myths, Mistakes and Methods

Once considered unreliable and even unnecessary in the gun world, detachable or box magazines have long since become a fixture in the modern tactical-shooter's psyche.

Remington 700

A legendary military and hunting rifle, the Remington 700's origins are younger than most similarly sought after long arms. (photo courtesy of National Archives/John Plaster)

FNH USA A5 M Special Police Rifle

When I first picked up FNH USA's FN A5 M Special Police Rifle (SPR), my mind flashed back to the last time I went to the gym, which was a long time ago.

M14 to M1A: The Last .308 Battle Rifle

The qualities that make the M14 battle rifle so desired for the military still are alive and well in the semi-automatic M1A versions for civilian shooters.


In a perfect world, we would shoot only our preferred loads once we had identified them.

New Nikon Scopes for ARs

After tremendous success with its M-223 series riflescopes, Nikon has expanded its offerings for AR shooters.

Nikon M-308

The new M-308 riflescope represents Nikon's Precision AR Optic technology, which is designed for use in heavier caliber AR platform rifles. Designed for extreme sighting speed and superior long-range accuracy with .308 Caliber AR platform rifles, the new M-308 4-16x42 is available with the all-new BDC 800 reticle or Nikoplex reticle with Rapid Action Turrets.

McMillan Introduces CS5 Concealable Rifle

The McMillan CS5 is designed for stealth and concealment in urban settings.

Remembering the M14

Here is a pretty surprising statistic for you: In terms of service longevity, the M16 rifle and its many variants are the hands-down winners with 41 consecutive years. (DOD image)

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