First Look: Holosun HS407C

One of the latest options out from Holosun Technologies is the HS407C, a micro-size red-dot sight that's particularly suited for shotgunning applications.

15 New Red-Dot Optics for 2019

Optics remain a major focus of innovation, with new models boasting technological enhancements never before seen on consumer products, or tech that used to be available only for those able to fork over pallets of cash.

5 Innovative New Products Seen at NRAAM 2019

Along with new guns and gear at the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings, we saw quite a few new products that are worth seeing this year.

New for 2019: S&W Performance Center M&P Shield Pistols

Smith & Wesson expanded its popular lineup of M&P Shield pistols with Performance Center-customized models for 2019. Here are some of the options here.

First Look: Holosun HE508T Red-Dot Sight

Thanks to advances in battery-consumption and auto-on functions, the Holosun HE508T red-dot sight has an incredibly long battery life that will increase confidence in your setup.

First Look: Steiner DRS1X Reflex Sight

Designed for close-quarters target engagement, the Steiner DRS1X is all-new for 2019.

4 Optics Options for Mid-Range Targets

If you’re shooting at targets close up or far away, your choice is simple—but what do you do when targets are somewhere in the middle?

Pistol Red Dots: Making the Most of a Slide-Mounted Optic

Pistols with red-dot sights are all the rage, but many shooters have specific difficulties resulting from years of practice with iron sights. Here are some ways to fix those problems and make the most of this relatively new, versatile optic for your handgun.

Hands-on With the Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight

Looking for a reflex sight for your carbine? Sightmark’s affordable Ultra Shot M-Spec is worth consideration.

Hands-on With the Crimson Trace CTS-1300 Reflex Sight

Crimson Trace, known for more than 20 years as a laser sight manufacturer, has branched into other sighting systems. One of the company's latest is the CTS-1300 reflex sight.

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