6 Fun Phone Apps for Dry-Fire Practice

Dry-fire practice is essential to building good gun-handling skills, but it can get boring quickly. These six fun apps will liven up practice time with a simple app addition to your smartphone.

Review: iTarget Dry-Fire Training System

After using the iTarget dry-fire training system for nearly two years, we've found a lot to like and a few things to be aware of on this innovative home-training laser.

Firearm Practice on a Budget

You’ve likely read countless articles admonishing you to get professional firearm training, but the costs of such an endeavor in terms of cash and time can be daunting. Here’s how to obtain some of the benefits of such an education without maxing out your credit card or taking leave from work.

First Look: Lyman A-Zoom Blue Snap Cap Value Packs

Spend less and train more with the all-new Blue Snap Cap Value Packs from A-Zoom. These training rounds are designed for safe training and cost less than many other options on the market.

Tips for Wintertime Concealed Carry

Wintertime means that concealed-carry holders will dress differently, and Sheriff Jim has a number of tips and considerations for a winter defensive setup.

Dry-Fire Practice Tips for Defensive Shooters

With a safe and sensible approach, dry-fire practice can improve your technique and ensure you have the skills you need to defend yourself.

Dry-Fire Drills: Are They Worth It?

What are some of the benefits of practicing with dry-fire drills in the home? What are the dangers? We cover them here.

The Importance of Dry Practice

Sheriff Jim Wilson explains the importance of practicing with an unloaded gun.

Survive with Dry Practice

Trouble finding ammo these days? No problem! You can still train and improve your skills.

More Buck for Less Bang

Along with preserving the Second Amendment, the NRA has strived to promote safe, responsible, and proper use of firearms for 143 years, a feat largely in part to the organization's certified instructor program.

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