First Look: XS Sights Pink DXT2 Big Dot Tritium Night Sight

XS Sights pledged its support as a company to Breast Cancer Awareness Month and is now offering the DXT2 Big Dot Tritium Night Sight in Pink.

The Role that Hearing Plays in Awareness

In a fight-or-flight situation, our hearing is often impaired, which is why we must rely on other senses, including vision, to maintain ultimate awareness.

The Importance of Awareness and Avoidance for Personal Defense

As recent events have made us all aware, staying away from bad things—of any type—is a better idea than getting involved with an unknown.

The Importance of Situational Awareness

Col. Jeff Cooper proposed four levels of alertness to describe the various stages of paying attention, but how do they relate to daily activities?

Why You Need to Stay Alert in a Crisis Situation

A crisis situation is no time to fall asleep at the wheel as you go about your daily activities. Instead, it's the perfect time to stay alert and monitor your surroundings.

Doorbell Defense: Be Alert & Aware Before Opening Up

Home defense is about more than just having a gun. Here's one element of awareness that homeowners should keep in mind.

More Than a Gun: Other Essential Elements of Self-Defense

There’s a lot more to self-defense than merely being able to draw a handgun and hit a target.

The Importance of Assessment & Awareness in Self-Defense

Just because you find yourself in a situation where you might have to employ your self-defense gun doesn't mean things are what they seem. Sheriff Jim explains with an incident that occurred during training.

3 Must-Have Elements of Personal Defense

Finding the right gear is important, but defensive shooters need to keep several critical elements in mind, as Sheriff Jim explains.

Aiming for 'Condition Yellow:' A Lesson in Awareness

Every defense-minded citizen always ought to be in Condition Yellow, but that's not always possible, as Sheriff Jim explains.

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