First Look: 20-Gauge Mossberg Shockwave

Following on the heels of the popular 12-gauge Mossberg Shockwave, the company announced the release of a 20-gauge model at the 2017 NASGW Show.

First Look: American Tactical Shotgun Ammo

American Tactical Imports, known for its line of affordable shotguns, introduced its new shotgun ammo line to pair up with the company's guns.

First Look: Mossberg FLEX Conversion Kit

Mossberg has expanded on its lineup of FLEX products with a new conversion kit for Mossberg 500 and Maverick 88 shotguns.

First Look: Winchester SXP Shadow Defender Shotgun

Winchester Repeating Arms announced the launch of its new SXP Shadow Defender and Shadow Marine Defender shotguns.

Weatherby Introduces 20-Gauge Version of Three PA Pump Shotguns

Weatherby now offers a 20-gauge version of three PA pump shotgun models: PA-08 Synthetic, PA-08 TR and PA-459 TR.

The Mighty 20 Gauge

Don't discount the 20-gauge shotgun for home defense.

Benelli Cordoba

In 2005 Benelli introduced the aptly named Cordoba, an inertia-recoil-operated, semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun with many recoil-mitigating features designed specifically for high-volume shoots such as those found in South America. Since its inception, the Cordoba has been so well received that this year a smaller, even softer-shooting companion in 20 gauge was catalogued.

Stoeger Double Defense

The Stoeger Double Defense is solid black, short and ported, it is neither fine nor elegant in appearance. Covered from front to rear in Picatinny rail, it is at first glance an abhorrent take on the classic American double gun.

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