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.45 Colt LeHigh Defense Multi-Projectile

LeHigh Defense is a new company, but it is not new to bullets. This offering was designed with the Taurus Judge in mind, but it is a solid choice for self-defense from any .45 Colt handgun.

.40 S&W LeHigh Defense Max-Expanding

LeHigh Defense has taken what it has learned from building large-caliber, all-copper, big-bore rifle bullets and used that knowledge to create one of the widest expanding handgun bullets available.

.45 ACP LeHigh Defense 174-grain Max-Expanding

This high-velocity load with an all-copper bullet offers impressive expansion.

.45 ACP 230-grain LeHigh Defense Multi-Projectile

LeHigh Defense has been making top of the line match and expanding bullets from copper and brass for a long time. Just recently, it got into the ammunition market.

.45 ACP 185-grain Winchester Super-X Silvertip

Think the old ammo you have in your safe will perform as well as an identical, newly manufactured load? Think again.

.40 S&W Federal 135-grain Guard Dog

This a new offering from Federal designed specifically for personal protection.

.40 S&W Federal 165-grain Hydra-Shok

One of the more popular self-defense bullets performs admirably in this .40 S&W load.

.357 Mag. Barnes 140-grain VOR-TX XPB-HP

Barnes Bullets has been offering loaded ammunition for about a year, and this .357 Mag. load offers a ton of speed.

.357 Mag. Federal 125-grain JHP

This .357 Mag. load lives up to the magnum moniker, and then some.

9 mm +P Winchester PDX1 124-grain HP

Winchester PDX1 loads are a great choice for home defense. How does a +P version perform?

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