Personal-Defense Preparation: Considering Worst-Case Scenarios

Criminals thrive on your complacency. Having appropriate situational awareness and training to overcome the stress of surprise can help ensure you prevail against an attack.

More Than CCW: Self-Defense Beyond the Firearm

When we think of self-defense, we often think about and discuss concealed-carry guns. But living a life of self-awareness and personal protection means more than just carrying.

In a Fight, Time is Short—Don't Waste It

Anecdotes and statistics surrounding self defense paint a clear picture: a fight is likely to be fast and short. To prevail, make sure you're keeping these skills sharp.

Overcoming Threat-Fixation & Tunnel Vision

Fixation on a threat is natural, but it needs to be overcome immediately to survive an attack.

Handgun Speed vs. Accuracy: What's the Right Balance?

Volumes can and have been written about how fast is fast enough, and how accurate is accurate enough. The trick is the mixture of the two.

Aiming for 'Condition Yellow:' A Lesson in Awareness

Every defense-minded citizen always ought to be in Condition Yellow, but that's not always possible, as Sheriff Jim explains.

3 Must-Have Elements of Personal Defense

Finding the right gear is important, but defensive shooters need to keep several critical elements in mind, as Sheriff Jim explains.

The Importance of Assessment & Awareness in Self-Defense

Just because you find yourself in a situation where you might have to employ your self-defense gun doesn't mean things are what they seem. Sheriff Jim explains with an incident that occurred during training.

More Than a Gun: Other Essential Elements of Self-Defense

There’s a lot more to self-defense than merely being able to draw a handgun and hit a target.

Doorbell Defense: Be Alert & Aware Before Opening Up

Home defense is about more than just having a gun. Here's one element of awareness that homeowners should keep in mind.

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