Review: FN America FNS-9 Pistol

While the FN America FNS-9 was built with law enforcement in mind, the 17+1 capacity, fully ambidextrous fire controls and 9 mm performance make it an ideal option for self-defense.

Review: FN 509 Pistol

When a new handgun from the U.S. military’s largest supplier of small arms arrives, it gets our attention, even if the pistol will appear exclusively in civilians’ holsters. Such is the FN 509 from FN America.

FN America Kicks Off 'Battle-Proven Tour'

FN America is bringing its products directly to consumers and opening up a venue for consumer input in its all-new Battle-Proven Tour across the U.S.

2018 Handgun of the Year: FN America FN 509

When personal protection is your goal, you demand the best to ensure your safety and survival. Combining innovation, performance, value and superior quality, this year’s Handgun of the Year award went to the FN 509 from FN America.

First Look: KDG Fix-It Sticks FN SCAR Tool Kit

Known for producing easily carried tool kits designed for shooting enthusiasts, Fix-It Sticks teamed up with Kinetic Development Group to produce a tool kit for the FN America SCAR rifle.

Range Review: FN America FN 509 Tactical

FN America expanded its FN 509 handgun family with the launch of the all-new FN 509 Tactical. See the enhancements found on this duty-size self-defense pistol here.

New for 2018: FN America SCAR 20S Precision Rifle

FN America expanded its SCAR rifle lineup with a purpose-built precision option in the form of its all-new SCAR 20S.

Review: FN America SCAR 20S

Fans of FN America's SCAR platform will rejoice at the availability of a consumer edition of the SCAR 20 SSR in the form of the new SCAR 20S. Rugged and reliable, it’s sure to please anyone looking for a cutting-edge .30-caliber rifle.

New for 2019: FN 509 Midsize

Designed as a more-compact, easily carried version of the company's full-size 509, the FN 509 Midsize is ready for EDC in 2019.

SHOT Show 2019 Guns: FN America 509 Midsize

Providing a more-compact, carry-ready solution for consumers in 2019, FN America launched its new 509 Midsize at SHOT Show 2019.

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