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The Benefits of Doing Homework and Giving Extra Credit

The days of academia and chalk-filled erasers may be behind us, but when working on firearms, taking the time to learn all you can about a given gun ahead of time will pay dividends in the end.

Fit With Function

Though it may offer little to a 1911's accuracy or aesthetics, the silky-smooth, wobble-free aspects of a well-fitting frame and slide lessens wear and tear on a 1911, while serving as one of the hallmarks of a quality build.

An Alternative Without "Compounding" Problems

Great gunsmithing minds think alike, or at least that's what I discovered while speaking with one of the knowledgeable folks at Caspian Arms, who as luck would have it, did more than share the dislike for lapping compound when fitting a 1911 frame and slide.

Living the High-(Ride) Life

If you had the option of installing an accessory on your 1911 that provided ergonomic benefits, like improving its balance and your comfort while simultaneously lessening felt recoil once lead starts going downrange, why wouldn't you?

Lap it up

When it comes to fitting a beavertail, aligning the holes that allow the grip safety to interface with the frame is only part of the process. The next phase involves cutting and polishing the recontoured tangs with the safety by rubbing (or lapping) the parts together, which results in two surfaces evolving toward a common shape.

Backing out Under Pressure

After roughing out the tangs, recontouring them and lapping the beavertail, at last you can finally slip your thumb safety of choice into place. All that remains is to function test its travel by moving it into the engaged/disengaged positions, right? Well, maybe not.

Blending Everything Until it Flows

In the exercise of tedium involved in fitting beavertail grip safety to a 1911, and in addition to being the final step in the process, it's also the easiest.

Bumps, Dings and Scratches Along the Road to Success

It's been said the road of life and success is beset with challenges and obstacles. As if building a 1911 isn't enough of a challenge, what do you do when the pot holes are of your own making?

Getting Over a Barrel

Unlike installing a beavertail grip safety or slide-to-frame fit, installing a barrel can have a crucial affect on your 1911's performance, and not solely in terms of its accuracy, but potentially impacting your pistol's reliability as well.

Thinking Laterally (and Logically)

Hoods...They pertain to more than just Sweatshirts.

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