Snubnose Revolvers: Tried-and-True for Concealed-Carry Use

The seemingly ancient snubnose revolver still does certain things very well. Here are a few reasons why our Handguns editor still loves them.

9mm Revolver Ammo: Avoiding Bullet Jump & Other Issues

A good variety of 9mm semi-automatic pistols will feed nearly any 9mm ammo without issue. When it comes to 9mm revolvers, though, owners must be careful with ammo selection.

Guide to Pocket Carry

Summer is here, which means cover garments are tough to don in the heat. Still, you need to be ready to defend yourself, which may necessitate a change in carry pistol and method. Here are 10 options for pocket carry to make sure you’re ready to face a threat, even when the mercury rises.

11 New Pocket Pistols for 2019

Looking for the latest in compact concealed-carry options? Here are eleven pocket pistols that came to market in 2019.

5 Low-Profile Pocket Holsters for CCW

When a deep-concealment rig is required for concealed carry, grabbing a pocket holster is an easy choice. Here are five low-profile options for your CCW setup.

Holsterpallooza: 30 Great EDC Holsters for Your CCW Pistol

Figuring out the best way to carry a handgun is as important as choosing the handgun itself. Here are 30 solid holster options on the market today, all designed for comfortable concealed carry.

First Look: Galco StukOn-U Pocket Holster

The latest holster in the Galco Gunleather lineup, the StukOn-U, features a grippy material that anchors a pocket pistol in an easily accessible position for all-day carry.

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