.38 Spl. +P Remington 125-grain Golden Saber

Shooting +P loads from snub-nose revolvers is seldom fun, but this offering from Remington was surprising in its performance both at the muzzle and on the target.

Smith & Wesson Chiefs Special

Aside from Nancy Reagan's memorable description of the "cute little gun" President Reagan had given to her for protection, few people refer to handguns as cute.

.38 Spl. Buffalo Bore 158-grain +P Outdoorsman

Never doubt the penetration potential of a hard-cast bullet.

Winchester Train & Defend .38 Spl.

Winchester's smart Train & Defend series doesn't leave out wheelgun aficionados with its .38 Spl. offering.

Eight-Shot Wheelguns

Today's higher-capacity wheelguns stay competitive with semi-automatics for many handgun applications.

Signal 9 Defense Reliant Derringer

Revising and refining the derringer concept, the Signal 9 Defense Reliant uses cutting edge technology to give an old design new life.

SIG Sauer .38 Spl. +P 125-grain V-Crown JHP Ammunition

The .38 Spl. just got a powerful new defensive option from SIG Ammo.

Taurus 856 Hy-Lite Gallery

Taurus 856 Hy-Lite

Uberti Old West Defense Gallery

Uberti Old West Defense

Chiappa Rhino 200DS

Chiappa turns traditional revolver logic upside down with its Rhino 200DS.

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