winter gear

Wintertime CCW Gear

The following gear provides you with practical protection and welcome warmth—be it from bad weather or cold-blooded intentions.

First Look: Vertx Introduces Four New Tactical Glove Styles

Vertx recently introduced its next generation of tactical gloves, which comes in four distinct new styles.

First Look: Vertx Paratus Hoody

Vertx recently released the Paratus Hoody, a great choice for everyday carry purposes.

5 Gear Items for Summertime EDC

Hot weather means a change in wardrobe, which may mean altering your EDC gear. The following products will help you stay prepared over the summer.

Vertx Offers Tactical Gloves for 2018

Vertx introduced four new pairs of tactical gloves for 2018, giving shooters the gear they need to run their guns in any environment.

First Look: Vertx Weapon Guard Concealed-Carry Shirts

Designed to aid wearers in the comfortable carry and concealment of their personal-defense pistol, the Vertx Weapon Guard concealed-carry shirts are all-new for 2018.

Review: Vertx A-Range Bag

Hauling your gear to the range just got a lot easier, thanks to the Vertx A-Range Bag.

Tactical Pants Buyer’s Guide: 25 Must-Have Options

Not all tactical pants are created equal—nor should they be. Check out some of the latest offerings for keeping all your gear in one place: Your pants.

Vertx Introduces Hyde Tactical Pants

Vertx added two new tactical pants to its lineup, designed to provide casual functionality.

Vertx Speed Concealed Carry Shirt

The Speed Shirt: Where performance fabric meets performance functionality.

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