Sheriff Jim Wilson

Make It A Team Effort

A spouse who can shoot is a force multiplier in a lethal force encounter.

Movement & Distance in Self-Defense

When fighting for your life, every advantage matters. Here's how the dynamics behind movement and distance gives defensive shooters an advantage.

Team Tactics: Valuable for Defensive Shooters

Going beyond individual training, knowing how to effectively work in pairs and even teams can be invaluable to defensive shooters.

Spirit of Blue Buys LMT Rifles for Michigan State Police

Members of the Michigan State Police Emergency Support Team are now equipped with LMT rifles, thanks to a grant from the Spirit of Blue Foundation.

First Look: "Enemy in the Wire" by Andy Symonds

Following on the first novel released by Andy Symonds, "My Father's Son," "Enemy in the Wire" presents a realistic, thrilling look into the world of a Navy SEAL.

Ruger Unveils First-Ever Professional Shooting Team

Ruger announced its intention to field a professional shooting team for the first time in its history, with world-champion shooter Doug Koenig at its helm.

FBI Hostage Rescue Team Purchases .300 Blackout

The famous FBI HRT bought a large quantity of .300 Blackout from a noted ammo manufacturer in early 2017.

Team Never Quit Frangible Ammunition

Team Never Quit teamed up with Snake River Shooting Supply and Sinterfire to offer premium training ammunition.

Team Never Quit 9 mm & .380 ACP Frangible Hollow Point Ammunition

Team Never Quit's line of frangible training ammunition includes .380 ACP and 9 mm versions.

Team Never Quit .300 AAC Blackout Ammunition

Team Never Quit's ammunition line extends to .300 AAC Blackout with a boattail hollowpoint round designed for subsonic performance.

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