First Look: Cold Steel Hudson Bay Camp Axe

Cold Steel is announcing a new, modern interpretation of the iconic Hudson Bay axe.

Bug Out Guns

When you are forced to hit the bricks, the guns you choose can help you survive.

Essential Gear for Sheltering in Place

When disaster strikes, there’s often no place like home. But with the power out, water shut off and emergency services unavailable, home might not be the same for awhile. These products are a good start for a plan to help you maintain security, comfort and safety while you’re sheltering in place.

RE Factor Tactical Wilderness Survival Card

When lost in the woods, take every edge you can get. RE Factor Tactical now makes those edges smaller, lighter and much more portable.

Tactical Medical Solutions SOF Tactical Tourniquet

Should the worst happen, you'll want sturdy, stalwart gear to help save the day.

5.11 Tactical Med Pouch

Having a good med kit for your range bag is a smart bit of insurance. 5.11 Tactical's Med Pouch makes it that much easier.

Solio Classic 2 Solar Charger

Whether hiking the White Mountains, camping on the Shenandoah River or simply tossing in a bug-out bag for "just in case," the Solio Classic 2 can provide all your small electronics with their power needs.

CMMG Tactical Bacon

Your argument is invalid, because tactical bacon.

Midland Emergency Crank Radio

The Midland Emergency Crank Weather Alert Radio is the Swiss Army Knife of emergency radios.

Solio Xcellerator Battery Pack and Solar Charger

Make the sun work for you! The Solio Xcellerator solar panel captures energy from the sun and stores it in the Hub battery to charge your electronic devices.

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