U.S. Coast Guard Selects Glock As Service Pistol

The U.S. Coast Guard recently selected Glock pistols for use in its services.

Medical Personnel Qualify for SilencerCo Discount

Medical personnel qualify for the SilencerCo Service Proven Equipment (SPEQ) purchase program through May 31.

The Military Sidearm: Its History & Necessity

There was a time when a military sidearm was considered more than just a pistol, and today's modern warfighters can still find a use for a solid fightin' pistol.

Fightin' Iron: The USMC & The Postal Service

There was a time when U.S. Marines were tasked with more than winning battles. Here's one little-known element of Corps history, and it involves mail delivery.

Smith & Wesson Donates to USO

The proceeds raised from the annual Smith & Wesson Game Dinner were donated to the United Service Organizations, supporting military personnel and their families.

Federal Air Marshal Qualification: Test Your CCW Skills

Created for the Federal Air Marshal Service, the Tactical Pistol Course is an excellent source of training for the armed citizen.

New for 2018: SIG Sauer P320-M17

Sold as the P320-M17, the commercial model of SIG Sauer's M17 military service pistol will be offered for consumers starting in August 2018.

The Colt New Service Revolver: A 20th-Century Favorite

Developed during the twilight years of the 19th century, the Colt New Service revolver became a 20th-century favorite for military, law-enforcement and civilian users.

First Look: Leupold VX-4.5HD Service Rifle Optic

Designed for use in High Power Service Rifle competitions, the all-new Leupold VX-4.5HD Service Rifle Optic fits the narrow standards that govern these popular competitive shoots.

Handgun Service Life: Facts & Factors

What determines the service life of a handgun? Is there a certain number of rounds that guns are built for? Here's a rundown of the facts and factors that determine how long your handgun will last.

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