5 Great Less-Lethal Self-Defense Products

Complement your everyday carry gear with these less-lethal options, which give you a means to defend yourself when lethal force may not be justified.

Everyday Carry Essentials In Addition to a Firearm

Here are three must-have daily-carry items to consider having on your person whenever you venture outside the home.

2019 Tactical Gift Guide: 11 Must-Have EDC Items

Looking to enhance your own everyday carry kit this holiday season or improve a friend or family member's? Check out these 11 solid gear options in our holiday-gift roundup.

POM OC Spray: A Less-Than-Lethal Self-Defense Tool

Carrying less-than-lethal options provides prepared citizens with more tools in the self-defense toolbox, and the line of OC sprays from POM is worth a look.


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