Fightin' Iron: How the H-34 Helicopter Changed the Face of Combat

Perhaps the single greatest tool in the Marine Corps has a blade—a rotor blade.

Fighting' Iron: The Fall of the Reising Submachine Gun

Sometimes, what looks like a great idea on paper turns out to be not-so-great in the field. Such was the case with the Reising Submachine Gun, chambered in .45 ACP.

Fightin' Iron: Leland “Lou” Diamond

Being salty isn’t always a bad thing.

Fightin' Iron: The USMC & The Postal Service

There was a time when U.S. Marines were tasked with more than winning battles. Here's one little-known element of Corps history, and it involves mail delivery.

Classic Guns: The FN-49

The FAL might be the “right arm of the free world,” but there was an FN design before it. Here's a look at the FN-49.

Fightin' Iron: General Robert Barrow's Type 14 Nambu

Some firearms stick in your memory, regardless of how useful they may (or may not) be. Here's the interesting sidearm used by Marine Corps Gen. Robert Barrow while he was a lieutenant in WWII: a Type 14 Nambu pistol.

Fightin' Iron: The Marine Corps Ka-Bar Knife

Among U.S. Marines’ combat gear, the Ka-Bar is especially prized.

Marines Consider Adopting M855A1 Cartridge

The U.S. Marine Corps is considering the adoption of the M855A1 cartridge used by the U.S. Army, provided that it meets certain performance criteria.

Troy Industries Offers Savings for Military Appreciation Month

Troy Industries is providing a number of discounts to show appreciation for the military. Military members can also email the company for a special appreciation package.

'Lava Dawgs: A Fight for Fallujah' Book Review

A Marine gives his thoughts on "Lava Dawgs," a vivid account of the second battle of Fallujah during the Iraq War.

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