Firearm Maintenance

How to Use Automotive Products for Firearm Maintenance

I just turned 21 and I am in the process of buying my first handgun. Although I am just getting started with pistols and revolvers, I am pretty mechanically inclined, which I learned by working on automobiles and automotive machinery.

Tech Wisdom: Hittin’ and Missin’

While instructing several students how to operate an AR-15-style rifle, it failed to fire several times when the trigger was pulled.

Tightening Grip Screws: Tips & Tricks

Always tightening up the screws on your grips, holsters and other accessories? Here are a few options that'll keep them in place.

Gun Lube: How Much Is Too Much?

A book could be written about firearms lubrication with all of the facts and fiction concerning the subject. Here, we address the common question of lubing up your concealed-carry pistol.

AR-15 Cleaning & Maintenance: A Complete Guide

Want to keep your AR-15 in peak fighting condition? Regardless of how often or how little you shoot your go-to rifle, here's the complete guide to cleaning and maintaining America's most-popular rifle.


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