Remington 700 Upgrade: Installing a Timney Trigger

One of the simplest, yet most-important, upgrades you can make in a precision rifle is an improved trigger. Why did we opt for the Timney variant?

AR-15 Barrel Installation: Doing It Right

Installing an AR-15 barrel is as easy as pairing an upper and barrel, tightening a barrel nut and you're done! Right? Well, if you want it done right, there are a few extra steps involved.

1911 Ejector Installation

And now for the external frame components: We begin with the ejector, and while the process in pretty straightforward, the likelihood of encountering potential pitfalls still exists.

AR Lower-Receiver Build: Buttstock Installation

No matter what type you select, installing it on your receiver is pretty easy. But, for precision accuracy, there are some criteria worthy of consideration.

AR Lower-Receiver Build: Trigger Guard Installation

Follow these steps for an AR Lower-Receiver Build: Trigger Guard Installation

AR Lower-Receiver Build: Magazine-Release Installation

Like my thoughts concern the traditional ARs pistol grip and safety selector, the standard magazine release will get the job done. That said there are better alternatives that will appease my southpaw affliction, which are just as easy to install.

AR Lower-Receiver Build: Grip and Fire Control Selector Installation

While the mil-spec/traditional components will get the job done, today’s aftermarket components warrant a closer look because many sport ergonomic/modular designs that add comfort, provide potential storage for batteries and/or small spare parts and foster easy actuation.

AR Lower-Receiver Build: Trigger Group Installation

Next to a quality barrel and clear, durable optics, a rifle needs a trigger that breaks crisp and clean. That is especially true with a rifle built with precision accuracy in mind. For the purists out there, the following covers how to install a standard AR trigger group.

AR Lower-Receiver Build: Pivot Pin Installation

For those of you who aced setting the bolt-catch roll pin and desire more of challenge, look no further.

AR Lower-Receiver Build: Bolt-Catch Installation

Whether you’re building a custom car, a house or a firearm, the key to any good project is the foundation, and on an AR-15 rifle that is the lower receiver. It has to accommodate every element of the rifle from the ammunition to the barrel and everything in between.

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