Utilizing the Element of Surprise

The combat element of surprise has been utilized for thousands, if not millions, of years. The important lesson learned early is that it works. It works for a simple reason: The opposition wasn’t expecting that particular maneuver, weapon or reaction.

Preparing Yourself for A Violent Attack

You, whether you have a gun on or not, are the deciding factor in dealing with a dangerous encounter. Sheriff Jim Wilson talks about how you can prepare for a violent attack.

How to Use Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication for Self Defense

There’s more to preparing for personal defense than you may think.

How to Make Yourself a Hard Target

Sheriff Jim Wilson talks about how you can make yourself a hard target, thus deterring criminal attacks from even taking place or being effective against you.

The Effects a Criminal Attack Can Have on the Heart

Criminal attacks are known to raise blood pressure, cause the heart to beat faster and impact other physiological conditions that can impact your ability to survive a deadly threat.

Shot Timers & Self-Defense Training: How Much Speed Do You Need?

How much speed is possible—or necessary—to counter a violent attack?

Anatomy of an Assault: The 5-Step Attack Cycle

How does a bad guy plan a criminal attack? How can you stop it? Here's some insight into the blueprint of assaults.

Split-Second Self-Defense: Acting Quickly in an Attack

When you're attacked, there are often a few seconds where you have room to act. Knowing what to do and when to do it in these precious few moments is critical.

Health & Self-Defense: The Physical Effects of an Attack

When you're in a fight for your life, your body is creating all kinds of stress. Here's what's happening and how you can deal with it.

Personal-Defense Partners: Working Together for Survival

Working with a partner can greatly increase your odds of surviving a criminal attack.

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