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Constitutional Carry Now Law in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is the 11th state to legalize constitutional carry.

NH Governor Signs Bill Approving Suppressors for Hunting

NH Governor Maggie Hassan has signed a bill permitting NH hunters to use sound suppressors.

NH Bill Forges New Ground for Anti-Gun Lobby

NH House Bill 1368 would require the seller, purchaser and owner of a firearm to be covered by a liability insurance policy.

Permitless Carry: Maine Governor Signs, New Hampshire Governor Vetoes

A measure to allow Mainers to carry firearms for personal protection without the need for a permit was signed into law this week by Gov. Paul LePage.

N.H. Supreme Court: Loaded Means Loaded

In a unanimous opinion issued Aug. 7, the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled the state's law that defines when a handgun is "loaded" for purposes of triggering the necessity of a carry license means exactly what it says.


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