Become faster and smoother, one step at a time.

One Step At A Time

Succeeding at a complex task like a fast, efficient draw is easier if you break it down into smaller pieces.

Preparing for a Basic Pistol Class

Show up with the right gear and the right attitude.

Mind, Body and Soul

The real target that needs to be hardened is the one you see in the mirror.

Handbook: One-Handed Shooting

I believe, and we validate this through our training, there are essential skills a shooter must develop to be well-rounded, a generalist when it comes to being prepared for a deadly force encounter.

Critical Defensive Skills

Every once in a while, I run Into something that just makes me cringe, and that’s the person who says, “Well, I just bought a gun and a box of bullets, so I’m good to go—after I figure out how to load this thing.” 

A Surplus Of Skill

Defensive marksmanship doesn't just happen, it has to be carefully nurtured.

CMP Acquires Surplus Ammo

22 LR, .30-06 and .30 Carbine soon to become available to Civilian Marksmanship Program customers.

Tango With Tension

Take your marksmanship to the next level, one step at a time.

Mantis X10 Elite Review

Make dry practice at home more fun, and save money and time when you go to the range.

How to Define a Beginner

Learn how to assess and maintain your defensive-marksmanship skills so they are more than adequate.

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