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The Pros and Cons Of A Red Dot Sight On Your Shotgun

Red-dot sights are all the rage. Should you put one on your home-defense shotgun?

The Basics of Tactical Shotgun Training

A shotgun can be a devastating firearm for home defense, especially with good tactical shotgun training. 

Upgrades for Your Shotgun

Here are practical upgrades to make your home-defense shotgun even more useful.

New for 2020: Mossberg 940 JM Pro

Mossberg has come a long way from its basic Model 500 pump guns of yesteryear.

Review: Aguila Minishells

Tired of dealing with punishing recoil from your go-to 12-gauge shotgun? This line of Aguila Minishells provides a number of hunting and personal-defense loads that soften the blow while still providing stopping power.

10 Tips & Tricks to Enhance Your Home-Defense Shotgun

Who doesn’t love life hacks? these 10 little shotgun tips and tricks will make your favorite shooting hobby easier and more useful.

Shotgun Readiness: 6 Conditions to Consider

Which readiness position should you keep your home-defense shotgun in? It depends on a few things. Check out the pros and cons of these six options here.

3 Reasons to Consider the Shotgun for Home Defense

AR-15 rifles are becoming popular home-defense options, but don't forget about the trusty and relatively inexpensive shotgun for home defense.

Choosing Shotgun Chokes for Home Defense

When it comes to choosing shotgun chokes for your home-defense shotgun, understand your situation and preferences before embracing conventional wisdom.

2019 Shotgun of the Year: Remington 870 DM

Offering rapid reloads and expanded magazine capacity, the Remington 870 DM changed the dynamics of the defensive-shotgun world.

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