First Look: Bear OPS Bold Action 14 Automatic Knife

Bear OPS, a professional-grade brand of knives produced by Bear & Son Cutlery, introduced a new automatic pocketknife that is California-legal and comfortable to carry.

First Look: Bear OPS Rancor IV Folding Knife

Bear OPS, a division of Bear & Sons Cutlery, recently introduced the new Rancor IV folding knife, a great option for tactical or defense-ready applications.

First Look: Bear Ops Kimura Butterfly Knife

Bear Ops recently introduced a new butterfly knife that features G10 handles, the BCC907.

First Look: Bear OPS MC-800-TI-S Pocket Knife

Bear OPS is introducing the new Bear OPS MC-800-TI-S pocket knife, the new knife from Bear & Son Cutlery.

First Look: Bear Ops Rancor II Knife

Made at the company's Alabama manufacturing facility, the Bear & Son Bear Ops Rancor II lineup features several models built for everyday use.

First Look: Bear Ops Bear Swipe IV Rescue Knife

Designed as a compact, durable utility knife made from high-strength blade steel, the Bear & Son Bear Ops Bear Swipe IV is worth a look for your bug-out loadout.

First Look: Bear Edge Model 61106 Sideliner

One of the latest offerings in the Bear Edge everyday-carry lineup, the Model 61106 Sideliner is built durably for comfortable EDC.

First Look: Bear Ops AC-551 Knife

As an extension in its Bear Ops lineup of knives, Bear & Son Cutlery announced the launch of its all-new AC-551 tactical knife.

First Look: Bear Ops A-400 Bear Swipe IV Knife

Designed as a duty blade for professionals, the Bear Ops A-400 Bear Swipe IV knife is made in America to ensure quality.

First Look: Bear Ops AC-325 Bold Action III Mini-Stiletto Knife

Purpose-built for personal protection, the AC-325 Bold Action III Mini-Stiletto from Bear Ops is the latest from a company geared toward the tactical market.

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