Building a Home-Defense AR Upper

Although it's not as tough to find a new AR for sale as it was a year ago, the carbines crowding the racks of your local gunshop may not have the features you want. One solution is to build an AR configured exactly to your liking.

MR556A1 Upper Receiver Kit

The MR556A1 Upper Receiver Kit allows high quality AR-style rifles to be retrofitted to HK's famous pusher rod operating system.

Centurion Arms Mk18 Mod 1 Upper Receiver

This SBR upper receiver is as close as you can get to owning one of the U.S. Navy SEAL's close-quarters combat rifles. Best of all, it's made by an active-duty SEAL.

XS Sight Systems AR-15 Armorer's Block

Whether building your own or simply adding optics, having a solid mount for your upper is critical.

First Look: CMMG Mk4 AR-15 in .22 Nosler

CMMG expanded its Mk4 rifle lineup with several new AR-15 models chambered in the enhanced .22 Nosler cartridge.

New for 2018: McCutchen Firearms .50 BMG MF-50 Upper Receiver

Made to mount on any mil-spec AR-15 lower receiver, the McCutchen Firearms .50 BMG MF-50 upper receiver is built for safety and accuracy.

First Look: Real Avid Lug-Lok AR-15 Vise Block

Secure your AR-15 upper receiver on your workbench for maintenance and modification with the all-new Lug-Lok Vise Block from Real Avid.

First Look: ODIN Works AR-15 Billet Upper Receiver

This all-new upper receiver design from ODIN Works is a sleek choice for your next AR-15 build.

First Look: TacSol Pac-Lite TSS .22 LR Suppressed Upper Receiver

Looking to quiet your .22 LR Ruger training pistol? TacSol has an option for you in the form of its Pac-Lite TSS upper receiver.

SHOT Show 2019 Guns: Brownells BRN-180

Fresh off its Retro Rifle lineup, Brownells rolled out a unique variant of the AR-180, bringing this classic design into the 21st ventury.

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