The Inside Story Behind the SIG50

SIG Sauer partners with McMillan to build a new .50-caliber bolt gun capable of sub-MOA accuracy.


The qualities that make the M14 so desired on the battlefield, still, are alive and well in several semi-automatic versions for civilian shooters.

McMillan Introduces CS5 Concealable Rifle

The McMillan CS5 is designed for stealth and concealment in urban settings.

McMillan Introduces ALIAS Rifle Line

McMillan Group International is launching its new McMillan ALIAS rifle line.

McMillan Introduces New Lines of Premium Ammunition

Tactical, long-range and hunting ammunition lines from the maker of precision rifles.

McMillan/DiamondBlade Knives

There's just something about a good knife, isn't there?

New Bolt-Action Precision Rifles for 2017

We protected our firearms freedoms with an unprecedented display of political strength in 2016. What better way to celebrate our victory than with a precision rifle in 2017?

Review: Browning X-Bolt Target McMillan A3-5

With its new X-Bolt Target McMillan A3-5, Browning extends its reach—and yours.

First Look: McMillan Mc3 Tactical Legend Stock

With the all-new Mc3 Tactical Legend, users can now have all the desirable qualities of a McMillan stock in an affordable package.

First Look: McMillan A5-22 Rifle Stock

Built to accept all standard 10/22 receivers, the McMillan A5-22 rifle stock brings the tactical benefits of the company's A5 design to the rimfire world.

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