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American Gunsmithing Institute Rolls Out New Tachnical Manual & Armorer's Course: Winchester 18-92m 1886 And 71 Rifles

Learn the Mysteries of These Lever Action Repeating Guns Designed for Winchester

Gunsmithing Made Easy

Here's a great book for those looking to tinker with a gun's innards.

Get a Handle on It

Give your tactical precision rifle an oversize bolt knob for faster operation by following these steps.

MicroMOA Govnah Gas Block

Here's a potential fix for gas-regulation issues you might be having in your AR-15-based rifle.

AR-15-Specific Tools from Brownells

There are countless ways to customize your AR-15-pattern rifle. Brownells offers many dedicated tools to help you along this path.

Wrangling a Warhorse of my own

From one of the first pistols I fired as part of my adolescent education regarding firearms, to my first choice for collecting, custom builds, training, concealed carry and home defense, the 1911 has been my go-to sidearm of choice for more than three decades, so it seems only natural that the desire to build my own would set in eventually.

Weighing the Work With the Reward

In many cases, the urge to build a firearm stems from an underlying desire to save money. However, in the case of one of the most-popular handguns in the world like the 1911, the market is saturated with a plethora of Colt clones. So how does one justify such an endeavor?

An Exercise in (Self-Defense-Oriented) Minimalism

When it comes to creating a 1911, less is more—especially if it's intended protect the lives of you and your family.

Laying the Groundwork for Success

Without the proper tools, attempting to build a firearm from scratch makes about as much sense as handing the keys to a Ferrari to a pop star who's barely past puberty and telling him to enjoy the ride. Regardless, such an exercise in frustration (not to mention a waste of money) can be avoided without breaking the bank.

The Benefits of Doing Homework and Giving Extra Credit

The days of academia and chalk-filled erasers may be behind us, but when working on firearms, taking the time to learn all you can about a given gun ahead of time will pay dividends in the end.

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